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JUNE 22-23, 2018


Workshop Speakers

2018 will feature medical mission reports by various countries providing information and opportunities to serve!
Global Workshops will feature special workshops targeted for new insights and growth for the attendees.

Alexander Jun, Ph.D.

Asian Americans and Missions: Preparing, Going, Being

Alexander Philip, Dr.

Serving Unreached Remote Rural Areas in Northern India through Tele-Medicine / God, Theology and Medicine. A Call to Medical Missions in the Work Place

Andrew Kim, Dr.

Inner City/Domestic Missions: “To the ends of the earth… here”

Antonio Rojas, Pastor

Miracles that confirm the will of God

Bob and Diane Meyer, Dr.

How to Perform Portable Dentistry Safely and Comfortably in Austere Environments

Brett Curtis

Using two hands of the gospel by medical ships to the isolated islands of the world

Carl J. Camp

Financial planning for students and recent graduates / Financial planning for mid-career and beyond

Chi Y. Chung, MD, FACS

Medical Mission in Ethiopia: More Lessons in God’s Grace

Chong Weon Kim, OMD

Father’s Heart to Refugees

Christine Jun, MD

HOPE (Hepatitis B Overview and Program to TrEat) project in DPRK with Christian Friends of Korea

Chulsoo Kim, MD

How to improve the health environment in Ethiopia

Daniel (Ok Chul) Hyun

The Leprosy Mission: Gospel for 100 million people in the whole world

Daniel Pak, MD and Ashley Pak, FTM

Diaspora Family: Invitation to Global Mission

David Campbell, Dr.

“Where is your Jerusalem practice?” from Acts 1:8

David Roh MD

The Future of Healthcare and Medical Education in North Korea

Debra & Fernando Martinez

Called to Mexico

Dentists from Global Dental Alliance(GDA)

Be the Best Christian Dentist for God

DJ Schuetze

Reciprocal Missions

Dr. DJ and Dr. VC

From Community Health to Community Transformation

Eda Kim, M.D.

How to discern if you are called to overseas missions and reflections after 10 years on the field

Erin Pettengill, MPH, BSN, RN

Medical Missions as a non-Physician. Where do I fit in?

Etienne Kim

The possibility of missionary work to break down global problems-poverty, discrimination, sexual abuse, lack of education right, and a series of poverty

Eugene Cho, Rev.

Putting Your Vision Into Action

Frank Cho, DDS

Assessment and Reflection of last 13 years serving as dental missionary

Gloria Nam, PhD, FNP, RN

Living a Missional Life, Everyday

Heidi Syren Linton

Hope and Healing – the work of Christian Friends of Korea in the DPRK

Henry Kim, DMD, MMSc

Dental Mission at PUST

Hikon Chon, MD

Layman Can Do Medical Missions

Hyun Joo Hwang OMD

Find Your Place in God’s Will: Journey of Discovery and Commitment

James Kang, Dr.

Healthcare Workers as Cosmopolitan

James Lau, MD

Long-term impacts of Short-term medical missions

Jennie Fung, Dr.

Medical Care for Missionary Families

John Lee, DSc

Process of Turning the Fear of Evangelism and Mission Into an Adventure

Joseph Chun, MD & Lydia Chun, PsyD

Another hidden mission field-our mind! Assessing and enriching our ability to connect with (Love) others and God / DISCOVER YOURSELF AND YOUR TEAM!

Kamran Karimi

Equipping nationals to reshape cultures in order to establish freedom into nations

Kwan Tae Park, Dr.

New model of Mission hospital: specialized, competitive, sustainable, evangelical

Luke Rhyee, Pastor & M.D.

Medical Ministry, A Loss-Leader in Mission?

Mary Verghese RN, PhD

Community Based Nursing Education Addressing the Challenges ofMultidimensional Poverty of Bihar

Nghia Pham, MD

Medical Mission to Mongolia

Nicholas Comninellis, MD, MPH, DIMPH

From Inspiration to Mobilization / From Rescue to Resilience

Paul W. Choi M.D., M.Div.

New Operating System, New Software “Daily Living As A Disciple”

Perry Jansen, MD, DTMH

Calling to the greatest need: Medical missions past, present and future

Robert Doe, Dr.

Discipling Nations through Healthcare

Sae Young Oh, OMD

Practical Acupuncture Techniques in the Mission Field

Scott Lee, MD

Short term missions – 20 years of mistakes, practical aspects and funding opportunities

Sean Malone

Crisis Response: Reaching the Harvest in Crisis

Seok Jeoung Woo, MD

Lifting the 10/40 Window Lower East Gate to the Lord- East Indochina Peninsula Gateway city mission

Sue Suh DDS

Reach One More for Christ

Sung Ho Bae, Rev. & MD

In Pursuit of Perfect Healing & Health

Susanna Choi, OB-GYN

Women and Family in Medicine

Thomas Lee, DDS

Rwanda Dental Mission Update: Building Hope in Rwanda

Tracey White

God – Missions & Medicine

Yohan Kim, Missionary

What God Has Been Doing in Turkey